Turn Spectre into a ‘spectacle’

Bond-ify your home to celebrate the new film!

You would have had to be living under a rock for the past year to have missed the fact that a new James Bond film is being released this month! It's called Spectre, and it’ll be released on October 26th in the UK, to be exact. Here at Games Room Company, we’re huge fans of 007, and we can barely contain ourselves for excitement as we count down the days til we can finally go and watch the new film!

If you love Bond as much as we do, you might want more of a piece of the action than just going to see the new film - perhaps you want to bring some of the magic home? Mr Bond is man of superior taste, and we like to think he takes pride in his interior decoration...so you should, too! It would make sense for you to take full advantage of the wonderful Bond themed goodies we have here at Games Room Company. Here are some of your favourites - they’re sure to shake up your home, not stir it (we’re sorry, we couldn’t resist).

Original Bond Film Posters

'From Russia With Love' Original Film Poster

We love our selection of vintage film posters for the some of the earliest Bond films. They show original Bond, Mr Sean Connery, alongside various scantily clad Bond girls, and these were actually used to promote the films on their release back in the day. The perfect decoration for any major Bond fans - they’re also framed in UV resistant glass for extra protection.

Original Bond Lobby Cards

James Bond 'Dr No' Lobby Card | Games Room Company

Less obvious than a poster, Games Room Company has a really cool selection of original, official lobby cards, used to promote the earliest Bond films. They show various scenes from the films and again, are framed and mounted to look stunning hanging on any wall. Lobby cards are a cool, subtle nod to your love of 007.

Bond Ashtray

Bond Ashtray

Mr Bond has been known to smoke a cigar or two in his time. If smoking is your thing, where better to collect the ash and debris than in one of our Bond ashtrays?! Moulded from die-cast metal into the shape of the super spy’s trusty revolver, it will be definitely add a suave element to your afternoon cigarette!

Bond Mirror Framed Wall Art

James Bond Mirror Frame Picture | Games Room Company

If you’re more of a fan of the man himself than the films he stars in, get an unadulterated Bond image with one of our mirror framed photos. Showing Sean Connery up close and personal, you can hang him on your wall and stare into his eyes to your heart’s content…

We hope you’re as excited about Spectre as we are! Let us know what you thought of the film, as well as how you’re using our Bond decor to add some MI6 style sophistication to your home...


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